Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Birthday on 2009!!

Today is my birthday but i need to wake up early.It is because i must go tuition.I am very poor.After bathn and breakfast, i go my grandma's house fetch my cousin and go to tuition.

At 12.oo noon,imy tuition teacher bring us to my grandma's house to have our lunch.We eat tasty porridge that my grandma's cook.After that,i watch television when i wait my mum come.About 2.30p.m., i go home.I and sister clean our home or we will scold by our mum.

Then,my mum go out.we watch again some movie.At 5.00p.m.,we watch a movie from ASTRO(channel 333).We go to my grandma's home at 6.00p.m.While waiting my uncle bring me go to take my delicious chocolate cakes, i play computer which in my grandma's house.

When i come back,my friends already come.They are enjoying themselves on the food.There are french fries,sausages,noodles,salty chicken,curry chickenand some vegetables.My mother do the ice blended honeydew,it is very delicious and appetizing.

At 8.30p.m., we cut the cake. The cake is very hard to cut it.I can't cut it so i let Kai Yin's mum cut it,she also say it is very difficult.Then we enjoy our ice cream cake.We play bingo with my cousin.

Around 10.00p.m., they go home.I go home at 10.30p.m. because i must go to do IC.

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